Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Tanzer 16 -- Catalina 22 love triangle -- another boat -- mistresses

Tanzer 16 -- Catalina 22 love triangle -- another boat  -- August 31, 2016  I am blessed with a wonderful wife and now two mistresses.  Fortunately the mistresses are both boats.  Yesterday a Catalina 22 was added to the mix.  No plans to race the Catalina, but needed something to take out my young grandchildren, and friends my age who really just want to kick back and drink a beer while I sail.  Pat, my wife, says she may go out on this one--we'll see--she has never set foot on the Tanzer.

The big challenge with the Catalina is to leave it be.  It is ready to sail, and I don't need two boats as dialed in as the Tanzer.  Maybe I will have to actually retire--two boats is a lot -- well four actually, but one is an aluminum fishing boat and the other is a canoe and they aren't very demanding--more like flirtatious dalliances than mistresses.  Throw in a big yard and I might just be too busy to work.

Just about the max boat my little Dodge Dakota can handle.  The plan is to
keep this boat under cover most of the year and moor it in Budd Inlet May
thru September.  Boats are cheap--sails come dear.


  1. Congratulations, Looks sweet. Evinrude? Well, costs go up proportional with volume, not length, so 6 feet longer equals many times the cost, heh heh, you've lost it, you're a boat poor guy now, for sure. We expect your lawn to go to seed soon (sailor's lawn. Welcome.

  2. That's a nice looking boat, Jim. I'd be interested in a more detailed write up and pictures, if you are so inclined. Cheers, Phil #292

  3. Phil, you and I might be the only two people in the world that own a Tanzer 16 and a Catalina 22. I wonder if I can buy a Catalina down in Mexico?