Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Tanzer 16 -- Need ideas to turn boat over -- updated two times

Tanzer 16 -- Need ideas to turn boat over--updated  twice -- August 8, 2015 -- Come September it will be time to paint the boat.  I need your help.  What is the best way to turn over a 400-pound boat?

I know that Ralph Krause down in Vancouver, WA and Brian Mrachek in Florida have done this. Unfortunately recent computer problems wiped out my address book.

I would appreciate your ideas, and Brian or Ralph, if you see this, please send me an email.  If anyone has done this and kept some pictures, it would make a nice post.

Thanks for your help.


Brian from Boca Raton, FL responded the same day with a good idea.

"I used two engine hoists.  One had a line hooked to the bow ring and the other hooked to an eyebolt that I screwed into the drain hole.  That way you could rotate the boat while painting.  Just be careful not to turn it so much that the eyebolt unscrews from the drain hole."

Thanks so much Brian.  I don't have access to engine hoists, but I do have dimensional lumber and plywood.  Along with a lot of rope and pulleys.  I am sure that I can rig something up that will work.

Here is a picture from the Complete Refurb page that features Brian's boat.
With his explanation, it becomes quite clear how he did it.

From Martin Robitalle came this idea:  "Two friends is all I needed to turn it over.  Be careful on the side that is touching the ground; I used an old pillow to protect the aluminum band circling the boat..."  (Editor's note.  I did this with my C Lark and you also need to be careful to protect the chain plate.  I used two 4x4's on the ground.)

Thanks Brian this will work too.


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  1. Yup, I'm thinking of needing to do the same. But I have a few soft spots in the deck I may try to fix up first.