Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Tanzer 16 - Replacing Sail Slugs--Ouch

Tanzer 16 - Replacing Sail Slugs -- Ouch -- July 15, 2014.  You just have to hate this.  Spent the morning cutting off the bindings that hold the 11mm sail slugs on the brand new main so they could be replaced with 3/8 inch slugs using plastic shackles.  Darn shame--beautiful workmanship--super strong, but I didn't want to take the time to send the sail all the way back to Ben in Quebec to have it redone.  So now to pick up a couple of longer metal shackles at West Marine, and we should be ready to use the sail on Thursday.  Lesson for me here, I guess, if you are having your sail made far away, double check the slugs and bolt ropes to see if they really fit.  Sending some samples would have saved a lot of time.

Want to be reaaaally careful here not to put a cut in the sail.

You need to tap the shackles with a small hammer to close them.

Still trying to keep the sail clean.

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